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I change my mind more than I change my clothes. I also thought this was the one thing I wasn't going to agonize over, well not agonize but you know...think about it, ponder, analyze til I'm blue in the face. Of course I was wrong, like I've been about everything. No, I won't think about the wedding all the time, no, I won't care what the flowers look like.

I swear there's a wedding disease and I've caught it! Anyways, I've thought from the get go that the guys would wear navy blazers and khaki pants, right? Well, now I'm starting to think of other colors. I hate my brain. Or is it my mind? I have no clue.

I saw these pictures today by evoke photography and I thought to myself, I love the brown ties with the charcoal suit, it's very classic yet not too formal. This picture is great because the guys aren't wearing the same exact suit and it still looks really nice. That might save a few of them some money if they already have a suit, eh?

I like this, too! It looks really sharp with the chocolate tie.

(Image via Style Me Pretty)

I love how his tie matches her bouquet.

(Photo by Christine Farah)


Christine Farah Photography said...

I LOVE the idea of the charcoal suit with the chocolate tie......I just love ties in general for weddings it gives it character and has an elegance about it.

jessica lynn said...

LOVE any and all of those ideas! If we could just make up our minds!!

Future Mrs. S said...

I wanted to go with Navy blazers and khaki pants but the FF said no way. Since we are having our reception in an old castle, he wanted to wear a traditional tux. That's fine with me! Suit are definitely a great way to go as well!

Lane said...

We had our guys wearing black suits...of their own. That way, those who had them didn't have to spend any money, and those who didn't would be investing in something they would wear many more times!

I love the brown ties!