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big week.

Not only did my sister get engaged last night (yeah!), but this Wednesday, Matthew and I are driving down to Sarasota to secure our venue! I've also made appointments to see a couple of florists and caterers in an attempt to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. I'm also meeting with my day-of coordinator on November 2nd (which happens to be my 27th birthday), so it's a major week in wedding planning!

With that said, Matthew and I have implemented a few new rules into the household:
1. No more television. Not that we watch a lot of TV, we don't even have a "show" but we tend to turn it on as we get into bed which causes more strain on the sleep. Instead of watching television, we've decided our down time should be spent playing Pictionary or going for a late night walk.

2. No more laptops after 5 pm. This is more for me than Matthew. I spend all of my downtime from school and work planning our wedding. However, too much laptop and wedding is never a good thing (at least in my mind).

3. Eat more fruit and veggies! (No explanation needed here.)

4. Wash all dishes to avoid dishwasher usage (i.e., environmental waste). We stopped using plastic bags for grocery shopping a long time ago. I bought these great cloth ones from our local market. So, now we're moving on to another environmental goal!

I'll post pictures of our camp out on Thursday! In the meantime, here's a picture from the fantastic Christine Farah. This picture just might change my mind about the all ivory bouquet.

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