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Well heeled...

My photographer is awesome, you know why? He's a man who appreciates the art of a woman's shoes! Matthew could care less about which heels I'll be wearing that day, but not Jason!! :) Here's a recent picture taken Jason Angelini and some other cute shoes to admire!

Here's another great picture taken by Anna Kuperberg of Yumi & Mark's wedding.

So, in light of the above picture, I'm really starting to warm up to the idea of NON-WHITE/IVORY shoes for the wedding. If these J.Crew shoes were in navy instead of black - oh momma! (**I just saved this picture a few days ago, but I don't see the shoe on J.Crew anymore!)

Classic Kate Spade and unique Lulu Guinness (from InStyle Weddings)


classic bride said...

i thought the SAME thing when i saw those j. crew shoes!! i've been eyeing them for awhile now!

i'm liking the idea of non-white/ivory wedding shoes, too! especially if the dress is floor length. i want a pair i can bring out on special occasions to remind me of the wedding. :o)

People St.Clair said...

First, I love the polka dots they are so wonderful, I want them! :) I totally agree with the non-white/ivory shoe. I think choosing a shoe with color or a design lets a little of who you are creep out. There are great Ivory/white shoes but if you see one like the J Crew shoe its worth taking the chance. :)

perfect bound said...

So true. It's the photographers who really notice the smallest of details. You must also check out photographer Mel Barlow's site. (just google her name.) She shoots the most amazing brides with the greatest taste in shoes. Love the polka dots!

Sarah Ann said...

I really like the idea of blue shoes lynny. They can be your "something blue" :)

Anne said...

Those J. Crew shoes would be a total MUST for me!!! I just love details that are so unique and fun!!! ;-)